Empowering Individuals & Organizations to Realize Their Destiny

No matter what the World says and your past or current circumstances may be screaming, You were called to this time and season to accomplish a divine purpose that results in an ultimate destiny. Your job is to steward that destiny!

About ATKV

Advancing the Kingdom's Vision SSM, is a First Amendment Faith Based Organization whose sole focus is to empower individuals & organizations alike with the wisdom, understanding, skills, technologies and resources that will enable them to walk in the fullness of Christ, and fulfill their God-given destiny. In doing so they will be a light and example of God's love that will draw the lost into the Kingdom, Advance the Kingdom of God, and usher in the final harvest. 

Our mandate is from John 11:44 "...Loose him, and let him go." 

We do this by using, optimizing and deploying emerging & advancing technologies that empower individuals to break free from the habits & behaviors hindering progress and then develop mission critical 21st Century Leadership & Entrepreneurial skills  that will enable them to model true discipleship that properly steward a 13 Sector Life. 

By identifying their talents, developing their skills, and fostering an environment where God's precious Spirit can minister to heal their heart, mind & emotions, and set them free from every habit & behavior that restricts the full manifestation of God's love, these individuals can now execute on the vision God has given them to steward to impact our world for Christ and Advance His Kingdom's Vision.

Unleashing Full Potential

Spiritual growth, Personal development, Entrepreneurship, and Advancing Technologies like Web3.0, AI, and the Metaverse are going to play and important roles in society and can all be powerful tools for helping people become outstanding leaders and world-changing entrepreneurs.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth plays a critical role in properly utilizing what is in our hand to to help humanity. By understanding what the gospel message really is and knowing how to walk it out will positively impact lives and revolutionize our world. 

Personal Dev.

Developing your emotional intelligence, your skills, your understanding and your wisdom allows you to serve at greater capacities and steward larger visions because you have the necessary development to lead into the future.


Outstanding Entrepreneurship touches every sector of society and brings God's answers to humanities problems while enabling us to touch peoples lives at the heart level. By developing entrepreneurial skills and mindset, individuals can become leaders in their fields and create transforming value to our world.

Advance tech

Advancing technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, are also opening up new possibilities for innovation and growth. By staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends, individuals can position themselves to take advantage of emerging opportunities.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is also playing an increasingly important role in many fields, from healthcare to finance to transportation. By learning about and mastering AI technologies, individuals can gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them become leaders in their fields.


Web3.0 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps), are designed to create a more open and transparent internet, and can be used to build new platforms and systems that are more decentralized and secure. This can provide opportunities for individuals to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems and create value for others.

Overall, by leveraging the power of Web3.0, AI, and advancing technologies, and combining them with spiritual growth, personal development, and entrepreneurship, individuals can develop the skills and knowledge they need to become outstanding leaders and world-changing entrepreneurs.

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Where you are today is the direct result of the decisions you alone made, based on the beliefs you alone chose to embrace and the feelings that drove your actions you alone repeatedly took, compounded over time. But there is a way you can rapidly change your destiny and get back on the fast track to God's plan for your life, so you can walk out your destiny.

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